WARNING:This product contains nicotine.Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Asterbar MATE500 REVIEW

2022-09-24 17:04:00
As lovers of all things vape, we quickly jumped onto the disposable vape kit trend. They're compact, come in a wide variety of flavors and the most convenient feature of them all — they’re disposable. What’s not to love? However, recently Asterbar has crafted an all new vaping device which at a first glance looks like a disposable vape, comes in a variety of flavours but features disposable pods instead. We are in love! But first..


If you aren't familiar with Asterbar, they’re the legendary creator of the one of the UK’s favourite disposable vapes. Based in China, Asterbar has been manufacturing vaping products since 2018 with an aim to create vape juices made from natural tasting vape flavours and to provide vapers with a consistent vaping experience.


The vape kit we’ll be looking at today is the Asterbar 600 — A durable, sleek and rechargeable vape kit. The Asterbar 600 is lightweight and feels comfortable and intuitive in the hand. The Asterbar 600 is also user-friendly and features inhale activation which makes it a low maintenance kit to set up. The Asterbar 600 is compatible with the 2ml P1 Prefilled Pods (sold separately) which were made to banish nicotine cravings and help power you through the day. Before attaching the P1 Prefilled Pod, simply push the bottom on the bottom of the pod to activate. Then the Asterbar 600 device's inhale activation will do the rest. The P1 Prefilled Pods have a magnetic pod connection which makes them easy to remove and apply. The P1 Prefilled Pods also offer leakfree protection keeping leaks at bay under impacts and regular use. Unique E-liquid Coil Separation Technology (ECS) isolates the tank and the coil on its own to increase the level of flavour received from the Asterbar 600. The increase in flavour is due to the separation of the vapes coil and pod tank which equates to the lack of exposure of air to the e-liquid during the manufacturing process which degrades e-liquid flavour. Type-C charging ensures a full charge within 2 hours of plugging in the device resulting in less wait times in between charges. It comes equipped with an integrated 1.2ohm coil giving you a restricted inhale and provides a constant voltage output that gives you consistent flavour from start to finish.